A significant part of SOAR is our tremendous volunteer community.  With over 1000 volunteers in our database and growing, we are so grateful for all of you who help out in some way.  We wouldn't be able to do it without you!

Keep in mind, however, that we need hundreds of volunteers for every event we host.  Just for a SOARly Needed R&R Night, to serve 150 individuals with special needs, it requires over 400 volunteers to serve in all kinds of areas and responsibilities.  For the SOAR Summer Camp, we need even more help.

When we're not hosting an event, there are many other areas for you to serve.  From bookkeeping to graphic design, and carpentry to costume creation, there are many wonderful tasks that need to be completed - including one just for you!

Unlike many organizations and ministries, we have a wide variety of opportunities for you to serve - especially in your skills, abilities and passion!  Check out the opportunities we have for you to serve!

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