Speaking Engagements

The Executive Director of SOAR, Stephen “Doc” Hunsley, M.D., is pleased and available to speak to the press about matters involving individuals and families with special needs.

As a pediatrician and a ministry leader, Doc Hunsley provides a balanced, impactful expert perspective.

To arrange an interview or a meeting, please contact (816) 782-SOAR (7627) or email [email protected].

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April 29-30, 2022 - IFL Conference - Cleveland, OH


SOAR Team Members will be speaking on the following topics:

  • Weekend Buddy Training: Using a Scenario Case Based Approach – Tiffany Crow and Doc Hunsley

  • Myth Busting: How to get Senior Leadership on Board with Disability Ministry – Doc Hunsley

  • Biblical Community for Adults with Disabilities – Elizabeth Barnett

Most Friday’s! – Talk With Doc! Webinar – Registration on the main SOAR webpage. Talks are geared towards family or ministry. Do you have a topic that you would like to be discussed? Email your suggestions to [email protected]! #TalkWithDoc!