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SOAR exists to transform the lives of special families and empower them to soar in their local and faith communities.  

SOAR Special Needs: Transforming Lives of Special People!

SOAR Special Needs empowers families with special needs to SOAR in their local and faith communities.

Families who have children with special needs face major challenges. SOAR is determined to walk beside them so that those challenges won't prevent them from obtaining a bright future.

Individuals with special needs are an important and vital part of our communities and our lives. Their families are important too, as they strive to see a beautiful future for them. That's why we are committed to providing key resources for them to thrive.

For years, SOAR has provided rest and renewal for our families: from respite date nights to summer camp, to training volunteers and supporters to serve individuals with special needs. Now that we've become a non-profit organization, it is time for us to SOAR and to create even more key resources for the community we proudly serve.

Rest and renewal are important, but they're not enough. Providing a real future for individuals with special needs in which they have jobs, places to live, and to be a vital part of everyday life is not just a dream for SOAR. Instead, we’re making it a reality!

Join us as we help individuals and families with special needs to SOAR! Come SOAR with us!

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SOAR’s core values come down to the three main questions every family with special needs asks:

  • Will my children ever be able to provide for themselves?

  • Who will take care of my child after I’m gone?

  • Who will take care of me (as a parent/care-giver)?

These are important questions that deserve a committed organization for solving them.

This is why SOAR exists – to provide a powerful destiny for individuals and families with special needs.

Join us now so that we can SOAR together! Help SOAR Transform the Lives of Special People!

We have some great videos which tell the story about SOAR.  Scroll down to hear from our leaders, friends, and families!

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