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Thank you for visiting our website, and for considering the opportunity to join us as we serve the special needs community. We are honored to serve our precious friends and their families and caregivers – they are the reason why SOAR exists.

There’s no doubt that there are significant needs in the community we serve. What we see, however, are clear, effective opportunities where we can make a huge difference – a difference that will change the destiny of individuals with special needs in a profound way.

We believe that our friends deserve a life of significance and purpose. Every person wants a chance to have a significant presence in the community they live in. Even though we’ve found effective ways to serve families with special needs, we realize that we’ve only started the journey. That’s why we’re not settling for what we’ve done in the past.

SOAR is committed to the vision to provide meaningful, powerful and safe opportunities for our friends to live with significance and purpose in our communities. We want to offer opportunities to work in real jobs, live in a place that gives them independence and responsibilities, and to allow them to have a “seat at the table” like everyone else – literally and figuratively.

We clearly see how we can make a difference, but we’re not supposed to do it on our own. SOAR’s responsibility is to invite as many people as possible to join us to make a significant, positive future for our friends. And what’s exciting for us to share is this: there are opportunities for anyone to be a part of the SOAR community.

From volunteering at a SOAR event to making a large financial donation – and everything in between – there is plenty of room for everyone to serve in their own effective way. We invite everyone from all kinds of backgrounds, experience and faiths to join us. Even though we have over 1000 volunteers who help us on a regular basis, we still need more help as the demand for the services we offer continues to grow.

God has blessed us and given us the mandate to change history – to change the destiny for individuals, families and caregivers in the special needs community into a brighter, greater and beautiful future. We invite you to join us.

Dare to SOAR! Come SOAR with us!

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